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Georgia Nash fashion show

So, I met this girl Georgia Nash at the Spitalfields market a few weeks back.  She had one of the coolest stalls I’ve ever seen and I had never seen the stall before. So I asked her some questions and we got to talking and it turns out she has kind of been all over the place as a designer, working in New York, and in England for Philip Treacy (the hat designer that did the Royal Wedding) and a few other small named people.  She started her own line again this year I believe she told me and she was back in Spitalfields market.  She told me she had a fashion show coming up the next week which was the week Jill was in and we thought it would be a cool thing to do on a Sunday night.  So we went and had a great time, and Georgia and I have caught up.  I took some photographs that she might use for her website or something.  But, I just think shes a wonderful person and so inspiring because she works like a mad woman and creates these whimsical, elaborate, couture clothing, and shes pretty young.  She titled her line Jekyll and Hyde so that gives you an idea of the style and she also paired up with a hat designer, so she didn’t do the hats, just the clothing.  But we really got along well, had a great time at the show and I think I got some good pics.












































One response

  1. Holly

    Really 20’s inspired clothing. Very avant garde but I can see elements that could be very commercial. You should ask her to design your mom’s mother of the groom dress!

    June 11, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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